Dec. 19, 2015

One Foot in Front of the Other

“Paths are made by walking” Franz Kafka


Today as I reflect on where my journey in life has brought me I am reminded that I should not regret my past, but use it to take me on a better path.  I have walked many different roads in my life.  Some with beautiful scenery and some with dark twisty frightening turns.  I walked these paths many times because I chose to do so.  Some of them I did not choose.  Life happens even when you are walking with positive intent.  Today I am content on my path because I am learning that life is not a search for happiness.  “Happiness is a by-product of living the right kind of life and doing the right thing.  Life is sometimes the march of duty during the dull, dark days.  But, happiness will come again.  Happiness is the by-product of the life well lived.”  (Hazelden  24 Hours A Day Meditations)  I cannot go from one thing to the next seeking excitement and happiness.  I find happiness in the love, loyalty and comfort of the universe, my God, those who love me and most of all love for myself.  Loving myself is the path I am walking now.  Everything else will fall into place.