Dec. 23, 2015

Comfort or a Rut


“Nothing should be taken out of his room; everything must stay as it was; he could not dispense with the good influence of the furniture on his state of mind;”  Franz Kafka (Chapter II   The Metamorphosis)


There is a balance one must find between comfort and a rut.  Comfort is being able to enjoy what surrounds me as I continue to progress and a rut is allowing that comfort to become my prison.  This can be a problem for anyone, but for the alcoholic it can be fatal.  Fatal is quite a dramatic term, but alcoholism can be fatal.  As I have changed and become this creature I don’t know I must strive to become the person I know I can be.  The creature I have become sits among my comfortable furniture, with treasures I have collected and with my dogs who are my most trusted companions.  I find great comfort with the good influence of my home, but if I allow myself to stay in this comfort and not work on my program of recovery the state of my mind will no longer be influenced for the good.  Today I know what tools I must use to become the person who is of maximum service to God and to others.  Today I am going to seek good influence out of my comfort zone.