Dec. 25, 2015

Just Being Is An Action

“In peacetime you don’t get anywhere, in wartime you bleed to death.”  Franz Kafka (Diaries)

The extremes in which I live.  Finding balance has been the story of my life.  I don’t think I am unique in that I want peace, love and contentment.  But, I also want adventure, excitement and anticipation.  Some of my greatest anxiety has come from boredom which set me on a road to chaos.  I wasn’t getting anywhere or so I thought so I had to act!  I created a war which resulted in an aftermath of puddles of hurt, words that can’t be taken back and situations that may never be repaired.  I know that I must have times of just being and there are times when I must act.  There is this space between these two points where I must be able to stop and discern which of these I must do.  When my brain wants me to speak or act and I shouldn’t this is the “act” of being and this is a place of growth for me.  If I must act on a situation I must have my intentions in check and consider if I am engaging in a conflict that is going to cause death and destruction or is it an act that will result in good.  I have to remember even if I want to make changes or do something different I must be spiritually fit and thoughtful or I can wreak all kinds of havoc.  I can still go about my business and live in the state of being. I believe this very important space is where my growth occurs because doing the next right thing sometimes is just being.