Feb. 4, 2016

Keep Growing: Keep Moving Even While Sitting Still

“Hatred of active introspection.”  Franz Kafka, Diaries, December 9, 1913

Pain causes growth.  I will admit I could do without hurting through growth, but I accept it because I want to flourish.  Today I had a weak moment.  I wasn’t going to drink, nor did I think about drinking, but I did have alcoholic thinking today.  My life has been calm, content and fulfilled.  I have everything I have wanted, yet I craved something, and it was the chaos I had become used to in the past few years.  Recovery teaches me that God does for me what I cannot do for myself, and I am learning this.  Today I am grateful because I can let go of my alcoholic thinking and accept that I am powerless not only over alcohol, but I am powerless over people, places, and things.  I am so grateful for where I am at this very moment.  I am in a good healthy place, and I have people around me whom I trust and love.  I am thankful for the pain which reminded me to have gratitude for my life and those in it.  I am grateful for these people who are surrounding me and who are protecting and loving me.  As I grow, I am doing the work and dealing with my life.  I am committed to my life and working a program of recovery which involves daily inventory and action.  Each day I have a reprieve, and I can choose to do the next right thing.  Today I allowed my thoughts to get the best of me, but I am grateful for my 12 step program which teaches me to enjoy my calm, content chaos-free way of life.